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Winston McGhann, AHCIMA, founded Master Chef Catering Services Limited [MCCSL] in 1998 with the aim of catering for people of all nationalities, for people of working class, middle class and upper class origin as well as small and big companies.

Winston was born and raised in Jamaica but now resides in London, UK. He attended a catering school in Jamaica where he acquired his Catering Certificates. After moving to the UK he attended college and acquired his City & Guilds Certificates in Catering and Hygiene.

Winston has a very peaceful, warm personality and is friendly by nature. Having had over 19 years experience in the catering business, he says, "It is not easy to please everyone but I always aim at least to satisfy everyone, regardless of whether we're catering for a small function or a big wedding."

Calsie & Winston

Calsie & Winston McGhann

For three years Winston worked as Head Chef at the Den Restaurant in Mandeville, Jamaica. He then moved on to work in one of the most prestigious hotels, the Half Moon Hotel, Montego Bay, Jamaica, where he stayed for three and a half years. He left his position to work as a Chef de Partie on the Carnival Cruise Liner - serving over one thousand guests per day. Winston took the job because he wanted the experience of working on a ship. After only two months he became the captain’s personal chef.

Shortly after leaving the Carnival Cruise Liner, Winston gained employment as Sous Chef with the Houllihan’s Old Spice Restaurant, Florida, seating approximately 500 customers; plus the daily queues which required meals being cooked to order within less than 20 minutes. After three months he was awarded Employee of the Month for the restaurant and was personally congratulated by the President.

After working for two years in Florida he moved to London. He began work in a French restaurant, followed by a post as Chef de Partie at the five star Grafton Hotel in Tottenham Court Road. He then moved on to work as Head Chef at the A&A Caribbean Cuisine. He also worked as a Hospitality Chef in the directors' dining room for Texaco in Canary Wharf.
With such a vast experience as a chef, and having had the delight of working with different nationalities, he specialise in the following dishes:
  • Afro-Caribbean
  • American
  • African
  • Chinese
  • English
  • French
  • Indian
Winston has created his own recipes and signature dishes. He has also appeared in various magazines, newspapers and on television in Carlton Food Network. Winston says: "Working in the catering industry has brought me total job satisfaction and I can't imagine doing anything else. It has become my pride and joy."

"By working in some of the best place, such as the Half Moon Hotel in Jamaica, I learnt almost everything I know from classical taste to presentation. Waking each morning I could not wait to get to work because I was so excited by being in such a rare environment. The only disappointment I had in my entire stay was that staff were not allowed in the pool" (smile!). I now get equally excited by each contract I oversee for my own company."

Winston McGhann a genuine private caterers London produce.

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The Company

Whilst Winston McGhann is the Managing Director of MCCSL his wife, Calsie McGhann, is the company Secretary. Calsie is a qualified PA Secretary; she worked for almost fourteen years for the Trades Union Congress (TUC). She worked as secretary to the Head of the Education Department for ten years; secretary to the Staff Development Officer and secretary to the Union and Industrial Relations Officers for almost four years. Calsie now gives MCCSL her full support. She supervises the dining areas, designs the table menus, handles all the bookings and the administrative work.

The company has a large number of trained staff on their books to choose from and to ensure they always look their best MCCSL provides them with smart and distinctive uniforms.

We give free tips and advice to prospective clients on how to plan events, e.g. weddings. We support various charitable organisations.

Master Chef Catering Services Ltd provides Catering Services in London.

The company has worked in various sectors including:

  Location Guests
Alexandra Palace, London, N22 400
Ascott Hotel, 49 Hill Street, Mayfair W1X 80
Essex Police Headquarters - Chelmsford 200
The Glazier Hall - London Bridge 230
Stratford Town Hall - London E15 300
Tottenham Town Hall, London N17 200
Walthamstow Theatre - London E17 390
Walthamstow Town Hall - London E17 350
Wandsworth Town Hall - London SW19 600
Bromley Civic Suite - Bromley 300
The Lola Jones Suite, Tooting SW17 300
Ealing Town Hall - Middlesex 250
Wembley Conference Centre, Middlesex 250
The Rich & Famous (Marquee) - Chigwell 80 seated, 130 extra
Sedgehill School - Bellingham SE6
3,000 (3 days convocation)
Cabot Hall - Canary Wharf 5,000 (3 day festival)
Hampstead Britannia Hotel - London NW3 180
Croydon Park Hotel - Croydon CR9    180

We have also done catering jobs in school halls, church halls, community halls, sport halls, various banqueting suites, marquees and outdoor barbecues, etc.

If you would like to know more about the catering services, please feel free to email, phone or send a fax for further information.

We support various charitable organisations.

The company creed

Master Chef Catering Services Limited (MCCSL) wishes to be known that they are actively opposed to discrimination in society. This means that:

1. In the provision of services to people and employment of staff to provide the services, we will seek to ensure equality of opportunity and treatment for all persons.

2. No person or group of persons who applies for our services or for contracts with MCCSL will be treated less favourably than any other person or group of persons because of their race, colour, ethnic or national origin or because of their religion, sex, physical disability, appearance or marital status.

3. In carrying out this equal opportunity policy MCCSL will actively assist disadvantaged people to benefit from its services. Towards this end, the Catering Service shall foster meaningful relationships with other groups who aspire to the same ideals.

4. In hiring contractors or other agencies to work for it, MCCSL will be mindful of their commitment to equal opportunity.

5. In the composition and operation of its management, MCCSL shall be mindful of its commitment to equal opportunity.
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Master Chef Catering Services Ltd is registered as a limited company in England and Wales. Registration number: 3724760.
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