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African Menu
Suya Kebab
Breast of chicken marinated in suya seasoning. Arranged on a cocktail stick with peppers and onions, oven baked to perfection.  
Goat Meat & FuFu Platter
Goat meat seasoned with jumbo and garlic. Pan fried to taste. Served with FuFu and olive oil salad.  
Okra Soup
Tender beef, cray fish, okra, spinach, palm oil and tomatoes. Boiled and cooked with chef's special seasoning.  
Main Course
Assorted Meat Stew
Fresh Farmed; chicken, beef, goat meat, tripe and cow foot, with seasoning and herbs, boiled and fried until golden brown.  
Red Stew Chicken
Fresh boiler chicken cooked in puree red peppers, tomatoes, onoins, chilli peppers and chef's secret ingredients.  
Grilled Tilaipa
Ocean Fresh Tilaipa marinated in special African seasoning grilled to perfection; served with pepper sauce or sauce of your choice.  
Yam Porridge
African yam, green vegetables (spinach or other), plantain, palm oil, smoked fish, crayfish, fresh fish (cod or salmon), onions, tomatoes, fresh hot peppers, black pepper, ginger, Uzuza leaf, curry powder and salt to taste. Cooked until thickened.  
Moi Moi

Peeled beans soaked and blended with crayfish, red peppers, fresh tomatoes, onions, chilli peppers, vegetable oil, fish and other ingredients, salt to taste. Parcelled in foil paper and steamed to perfection.

The above main course is served with Jollof Rice, Fried Plantain and Vegetables.

Cassava Ginger Cake with Pusher Sauce
Grated cassava mixed with flour, butter, sugar, vanilla and spices. Served with pusher sauce.  
Sweet Potato Pudding with Palm Wine Sauce
Country man potato grated and mixed with cornmeal, yam and spices. Baked and served with palm wine sauce.  
Plum & Honey Cinnamon Pie
Juicy plum sliced and mixed with cinnamon, sugar and honey. Wrapped in short crust pastry, baked to perfection and served with ice-cream.  
Refreshing Dinner Mint

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