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American Menu
Pumpkin Soup
Ripe, colourful pumpkin, boiled with herbs and spices, reduced until rich and creamy, served in special soup bowl with croutons.  
Cajun Shark Steak
Florida ocean blue shark, cut into strips, rolled over in chef's Cajun spices and quickly sealed on dry hot skillet with a ring of cabbage and carrot garnish.  
BQ Ribs
Suckling calf ribs marinated in smoky American BQ sauce and baked until tender; served with crispy leaves.  
Main Course
Roast Turkey
Marinated and slowly roasted with trimmings and cranberry tartlet on a pool of chardonnay sauce.  
Teriyaki Minute Steak
6oz fillet sirloin steak marinated in Teriyaki sauce, grilled very quickly on both sides. Served with sour cream.  
Asparagus Cheese Soufflé
Thick cream sauce with eggs, cheese and asparagus mold and baked; served with American Cheese Sauce.  
Crepes with Cream Egg Plant
Batter crepes fried and parceled with eggplant filling on a ring of zucchini, placed on a pool of Spanish sauce.  
The above main courses are served with Dinner Rolls, Candy Sweet Potato, Potato & Vegetables  
American Cherry Pudding
Fluffy Sponge Mix laced with American Brandy and California Cherry steamed until soft; served with Ice Cream.  
American Pancake Pudding
Grilled fluffy pancake soaked in egg-wash and baked, glazed with syrup and cinnamon sugar on a pool of chocolate liquor sauce.  
Florida Apple Turnover

Florida sun-ripe apple, sliced and laced with orange liquor, cinnamon, sugar and plum. Poached and turned over and topped with brown sugar. glazed to caramelise and served on a bed of lemon segment sauce.

Tea, Coffee, Mineral Water & Dinner Mint
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