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Caribbean Menu
Salmon and Spanish Tartlet
Grilled fresh blue water salmon with Spanish tartlet accompanied with crispy leaves sprinkle with orange zest dressing  
Ackee and Fish

Caribbean Menus - Ackee & Fish Mousse
Island Ackee mould with plaice and poached with black olive on a pool of tomato and saltfish.  
Fan Avocado Creole
Countryside avocado fan, accompanied with crispy garden Creole vegetables.  
Main Course
Grilled Snapper
Grilled fillet snapper fish marinated with lemon juice, herbs and spices, based with olive oil and tomato concasse.  
Succulent Portland Jerk Chicken
Chicken breast marinated in famous jerk sauce, spicy or mild, grilled to perfection  
Grill Sirloin Steak
Prime Scottish sirloin steak marinated in Caribbean everyday seasoning, garlic, onion and fresh thyme, cooked to your taste: rare, medium or well-done. Chef special garnish  
Cho-cho Stroganoff
Caribbean cho-cho stuffed with crispy countryside vegetables cooked in double cream paprika and red wine.  
Vegetarian Terrine
Fireproof china lined with calaloo, filled with liquidised vegetables, cooked to perfection; served on a glass of dill and saffron sauce.  
The above main courses served with Dinner Rolls, Seasoned Vegetables, Rice & Peas, Barrel Roast Potatoes and Fried Plantain  
Pineapple and Raisin Flan
Sunshine ripe sweet pineapple cooked in sugar raisins and spices then set in a blind, short crust pastry; served on a bed of rum sauce.  
Malibu Passion Fruit Mousse
Whipped double cream with sugar and Malibu accompanied with fresh passion fruit & strawberries on a pool of creme-anglaise.  
Tea, Coffee, Mineral Water & Dinner Mint

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