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Indian Menu
Seafood Tandoori
Fillet of fish, shrimp, lobster & crab, marinated in mild tandoori and yoghurt - grilled on hot skillet. Served with lettuce and yoghurt dressing.  
Samosas and Barge Platter
Samosas, balti, onion bhajis and Madras chicken finger. Served on a ring of cucumber and tomatoes with basil sauce.  
Curry Vegetable
Deli vegetable cooked with curry, and chef special seasoning thicken with potatoes and served with pitta bread & rice  
Main Course
Lamb Tikka Masala
Tender lamb chops marinated with tikka paste overnight, roast and served with yoghurt, potato rings & mint sauce  
Nadu Shark Steak
Blue water Tamilnadu shark steak marinated in Madras coriander, fresh garlic, chilli and onion. Cooked on skillet until tender . Served with lettuce & mango chutney.  
Royal Chicken Korma
Breast of country chicken marinated in royal korma sauce, sealed in sauce pan, and roasted in oven until cooked. Served with coconut & yoghurt.  
Indian Wellington
Garden vegetables cooked with, yoghurt, seasoning, eggs, and rapped in short crust pastry and baked. Served with orange chutney sauce & salad.  
Vegetable Kebab
Pepper, onion, carrot, broccoli, marinated in Indian spices and arranged on wooden skewers and grilled. Served with vegetable curry sauce.  
Tomato & Coriander Casserole
Potato, aubergine, beans, cherry tomato and beef tomato. Seasoned with soya sauce, garlic, tomato puree - sauté and served with rice.  
The above dishes are served with Basmati Pilau Rice, Naan Bread, Roti, Pitta Bread
Fruit Terrine
Mango puree, fruits, sugar with strawberry gelatin and cream, mold and set. Served with almonds on a bed of orange sauce.  
Cherry & Apple Tart
Baked short crust pastry filled with glazed cherry, sliced apple, topped with nuts and brown sugar glazed to perfection.  
Tea, Coffee, Mineral Water & Dinner Mint

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