Master Chef Catering Services Limited [MCCSL] can provide a set service which can suit most occasions. Many have tried African Caterers, English Caterers, Indian Caterers and Chinese Caterers but they had to return to our Caribbean Catering. Please select one that fits your needs; if you cannot find it here, we'll be happy to tailor one to suit your special needs.


We specialise in the following dishes:
• Caribbean Cuisine/Food


We cater for:

Cocktail Parties
Catering Contracts
Corporate Functions
International Buffets
Film & TV
All Other Occasions

Wandsworth Civic Suite

Staff greeting bride & groom


We have five ways of serving guests:

1. Buffet Service

2. Silver Service

3. Plate Service

4. Social Gathering

5. Self-Service

Master Chef Catering Services Limited [MCCSL] provides a Five Star, Four star or Three Star package - we cater for everyone.

Five Star Package:

Five Course Meal as follows: Canapés, Starter, Main Course, Dessert, Beverage.

With this package we provide Churchill or Royal Doulton Crockery or White Bone China; Champagne and Wine Glasses (2 per person); Kings Pattern Cutlery; White Table Linen; Fancy Fold Linen Napkins; Stainless Steel Wine Cooler; Punch or Water Goblets; Ice Sculpture; Dark/White After Mint; Table Numbers and Menus.

Four Star Package:
Four Course Meal as follows: Starter, Main Course, Dessert.

With this package we provide Churchill or Royal Doulton Crockery; Champagne and Wine Glasses (2 per person); Kings Pattern Cutlery; White Table Linen; Fancy Fold Napkins; Punch or Water Goblets; Dark/White After Mint; Table Numbers and Menus.

Three Star Package:

Three Course Meal as follows: Main Course & Dessert.

With this package top table and cake table are provided with; Table Linen, Churchill Crockery; Champagne and Wine Glasses; Kings Pattern Cutlery. Fancy Fold Napkins, Punch or Water Goblets. All other guests will be provided with table covering; excel plates, excel tumblers and wine glasses. Punch or Water Goblets; silver cutlery; table numbers and menus.

Buffet Service
MCCSL strongly recommend this. Why?

the finest equipment is set up to keep food hot throughout any function
[b] guests get more to chose from
[c] food doesn't get wasted
[d] guests have a wider choice of meat such as their favourite part of a chicken
[e] food is garnished and displayed nicely
[f] guests can get three different fish or meat dishes if they wish
[g] variety of desserts
[h] guests can return for second or third helping
[i] on a buffet we serve up to 1,000 guests with the same privilege

Finest Equipment
The elegant appearance of the finest equipment will meet your most discerning requirements. The large available selection allows us to cater for all types and sizes of buffet meals. It is an economic and flexible means of keeping meals hot away from the kitchen and everything which needs to be kept hot such as soups, meats, vegetable, rice, pasta, sauces and many other things.


Silver Service
Less food to choose from with a choice of a starter; one or two meat dishes; potatoes; two vegetable dishes and one dessert where you have the service of a waiter or waitress serving you at your table. The food is presented in a Stainless Steel Oval Dish. The maximum number of guests is 200.


Plated Service 
Individual meals are plated by the chefs from the kitchen area and are served to the guests on wooden trays by our waiters/waitresses. A choice of a starter; one or two meat; accompanied with rice or potatoes and vegetables, which is served on the side. Your dessert will also be plated nicely and well garnished. The maximum number of guests is 80.


Social Gathering
This package is a hot or cold buffet for social events where you and your guests stand, eat and socialise; either day or night. We provide finest equipment, napkins and utensils, this is less cost effective, or china crockery and silver cutlery on request.


Self-Service Rotary Stand Setting
Three tiers unique equipment is placed in the centre of the table where guests help themselves. This equipment can hold six different hot foods with tea light candles to keep food hot. This setting is a candle light setting. The food is placed on the stand by the waiters or waitresses where guests rotate the stand and help themselves at their own pace. The number of guests on each table is eight to twelve. Floral arrangement optional. The maximum number of guests is 250.

Click here to view the Rotary Stand and here for testimony.


As a professional Caribbean caterer, you won't be disappointed with our service!

Master Chef Catering Services Ltd - London Event Caterers.


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